Stop your employees from abusing their leave today!

All employees are entitled to leave, but your business will suffer if they abuse it! Manage leave carefully to identify if employees are taking advantage and put a stop to it immediately.

The Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service gives you a clear picture of just how much leave you must give your employees.

The law’s clear - don’t allocate family responsibility leave for the wrong reasons

If your employee has been working for you for four months, for at least four days per week, you must grant him at least three days’ paid family responsibility leave (FRL) per year.

This leave can be taken:

  • When your employee’s child is born
  • When your employee’s child is sick
  •  In the event of the death of:
    - your employee’s spouse or life partner
    - your employee’s parent, adoptive parent, adopted child, grandchild,
    - your employee's grandparent or sibling.

But be careful – this leave is sometimes abused. Find out how you can manage this and stop your employees taking you for a ride.

7 Facts to consider before you grant FRL

  1. The Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) doesn’t refer specifically to in-laws under family responsibility leave (Section 27 of the BCEA). It’s therefore up to you to decide whether or not to grant this leave if one of your employee’s in-laws dies. But remember to be consistent in how you treat your employees!
  2. An employee can’t claim family responsibility leave if their child minder is sick.
  3. Any unused family responsibility leave lapses if it isn’t used in the current leave cycle. An employee may not accumulate family responsibility leave and claim, for example, 20 days family responsibility leave in one year (Section 25(6) of the BCEA).
  4. A male employee doesn’t receive ‘paternity leave’, but is entitled to take family responsibility leave for the birth of his child.
  5. Remember, you can ask for proof of the event for which the leave is required (for example, a death certificate) before paying an employee.

Find out the other two criteria and more about FRL in your Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf.

REMEMBER! Always check your employment contracts first to see whether they vary the number of days and circumstances under which you may grant family responsibility leave.

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