43 Secrets to managing employees successfully

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Learn how to recruit better employees, put an end to absenteeism, conduct high-impact, low-stress performance reviews. Become the manager that everyone wants to work for!

This booklet is packed with 43 of the most commonly asked HR questions – the secrets to managing your employees more successfully.


  • What must you do when you dismiss for poor performance?
  • How to say “You’re Fired!” and make it stick
  • CCMA tip: Make sure all your witnesses and the applicant give their evidence under oath
  • Is your customer services department your worst customer?
  • Do you have to accept any medical certificate that's presented to you?
  • Retain your star performers without breaking the bank
  • The three most frequently asked questions on maternity leave
  • What is the difference between ‘working days’ leave and ‘consecutive days’ leave?
  • Here are some rewards that won’t cost you an arm and a leg
  • What can you do if your employees are regularly absent on Mondays or Fridays?
  • What’s the rule about taking annual leave during notice periods?
  • Are part-time employees entitled to sick leave?
  • 4 Steps to make sure you hire right, the first time
  • The benefit of auditing your employment contracts every two or three years
  • Three quick steps to train your employees more efficiently
  • Employment contracts – what the law says you must do
  • Conduct effective exit interviews
  • How to keep key employees in your company
  • 3 Ways to boost your team’s morale
  • How you can build employee motivation and morale at work
  • 7 Easy ways to strengthen team spirit
  • 3 Quick tips to stimulate useful conflict
  • Include these 9 points in your recruitment ads
  • Identify the time abusers in your business
  • Make sure your dismissal procedure is fair... Or you could end up at the CCMA
  • How to prepare thoroughly for a performance review
  • How to help your employees cope with heavy deadlines
  • 5 Non-financial performance incentives
  • The ins and outs of paying employees on public holidays
  • How to review a CV in 30 seconds
  • Use these 7 simple questions to choose the perfect CV
  • What you should do if your employees won’t sign their employment contracts
  • New employees
  • Minimise absenteeism with this simple tip
  • 4 Quick tips for de-stressing
  • How to deal with troublemakers in meetings
  • Quick conflict resolution technique
  • Take 2 minutes to reflect on your day
  • Save time by using this quick time management technique

What must you do when you dismiss for poor performance?

1. Have you followed these steps before dismissing for poor performance?

You can’t dismiss unless you have:

  • provided the employee with whatever ‘evaluation, instruction, training, guidance or counselling’ they need to perform their work satisfactorily
  • given the employee ‘reasonable time’ to improve their performance and they continue to perform unsatisfactorily
  • held an ‘investigation’ before dismissal into why your employee’s performance wasn’t satisfactory
  • considered other ways besides dismissal to solve the matter.

2. When can you dismiss for poor performance?

You can only consider dismissing for poor performance if you can prove:

  • he failed to meet a fair and reasonable performance standard
  • he was aware of the performance standard
  • you gave him a fair opportunity to meet the required standard
  • dismissal was an appropriate sanction in relation to the severity of the poor performance.